Life in Colour - Changing the conversation around life without children

Episode 7 - The Myth of Purpose

Episode Summary

"What's my purpose, if I'm not going to have children?" This is what we call a 'rabbit-hole question' - one that sends us off searching outside for an answer that will be definition be unstable and actually, untrue. Join us as we explore the myth of purpose and a much more helpful way of understanding and exploring this adventure we call life.

Episode Notes

There's a common question in the 'childlessness' and the 'childfree' community, that's based on a fundamental misunderstanding about how life works and what determines our value in the world. That question is: "What's my purpose?"

Join Vivienne and Laura as we explore this from an 'inside-out' perspective, coming from a completely different foundation to show you the way out of the rabbit-hole that questions like that inevitably lead us down.