Life in Colour - Changing the conversation around life without children

Episode 9- Who am I? with Bec Sheffield

Episode Summary

Our guest Bec Sheffield talks us through the confusion she felt and what brought her peace in her decision not to have children. Whether you want children and haven't had them, have decided you don't want them or are still trying to decide, this beautiful episode has something that will speak to the heart of you.

Episode Notes

The prevailing narrative tries so hard to separate us from each other - labels specially designed to make us believe we're different from each other when really, at our essence we are all the same. In this episode, Laura and Vivienne speak with Bec Sheffield, who, via the twists and turns of life, found a deep peace in knowing who she really is, and discovered that decisions made from that place are just part of the game of life. Today she lives a life of love, joy and fun, and we're so grateful to Bec for sharing her personal journey with us. 

Whatever your circumstances, there's something precious in this podcast episode for every human being.